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What is a SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate?

In the realm of international trade, ensuring the safety and quality of imported products is paramount. For those venturing into the Saudi Arabian market, the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organisation (SASO) have set the sails with the Saudi Product Safety Program (SALEEM). At the heart of this program lies the SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate, a key document for importers of household electrical and electronic (EE) products.

Understanding the SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate

Initiated by SASO to safeguard the Saudi market, the SALEEM program necessitates adherence to technical regulations and quality standards. The SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate, mandated since February 15, 2018, is a linchpin in this process. It testifies that products comply with the technical regulations and standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This recognition certificate can seamlessly replace the Product Certificate of Conformity for specific EE products under SASO technical regulations.

Key Facts about SASO IECEE

  • Validity Period: The SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate holds sway for 3-5 years, providing a window of compliance for importers.
  • Issuance Timeframe: Typically, it takes 10-15 days for the certificate to be issued after the successful submission of the required documents.
  • Multiple Models under One Certificate: Importers can certify multiple model numbers under a single SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate if they are listed on the same CB test reports and IECEE Certificate.
  • Importer Linkage: The certificate is intricately linked to an importer’s CR number, a unique identifier for every importer.
  • Additional Requirements: Certain products may require supplementary documents such as the CITC Certificate or Energy Efficiency Certificate for comprehensive compliance.

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