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Latest news on Saudi Saber certification

Latest news on Saudi Saber certification

Two new types of product control are required, which require approval from the Ministry of Industry and Mines before they can be issued!

The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization SASO recently issued a notice that new control requirements for warehouse shelves and paper cups will be added starting from November 30, 2023. When importers submit product batch certificate SCoC applications through the SABER platform, they need to attach a copy Importers approved by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources declare and promise to abide by the statement, otherwise they cannot obtain a certificate on the SABER platform.

Following the notice issued to the agency on July 25, 2023 regarding the need for all importers to complete the attached declaration form when submitting SC applications, we would also like to point out that the products mentioned in the table below have been added to our previous notice , products that require a declaration form.

Please note that from November 30, 2023, no agency will be allowed to approve SC certificate through the Saber platform unless the declaration submitted by the importer has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Mines and submitted to the agency as one of the attachments to the technical document .

We would also like to point out that SASO will randomly select from the SC certificates issued through the system and verify whether the corresponding declaration forms exist. SASO will take necessary legal measures against parties that violate this notice.

Please find the products and customs codes covered this time in the table below:


HS Codes

Warehouse shelves


Paper cups


The required importer's declaration must be issued in Arabic, and an approval letter with a QR code from the Ministry of Industry and Mines must be obtained;

A sample importer’s declaration is as follows:

So far, other controlled products that require compliance with this regulation have been released, please refer to the following:


HS Codes

Non-Medical Face Masks

481890000002, 481890009999,

630790970002, 630790990000

Napkin Rolls

480300100005, 480300100004,

480300100003, 480300100001,

480300900001, 480300100006

Manhole Covers

732599100001, 732690300002,

732690300001, 732599109999,

732599100001, 732510109999,

732510100002, 732510100001

Iron and Steel

72104900, 72103000,

72107000, 72171000,

72163320, 72142040

Polyester fiber

5509529000, 5503200000

Shade nets


Ceramic Tiles


Other paints

and varnishes


Carpets and rugs


Ductile iron pipe





White Cement



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