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Uganda Pvoc certificate

Uganda Pvoc certificate

According to the Uganda National Bureau of Standards Decree 327 and customs clearance inspection regulations, the Uganda Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism implements pre-export conformity assessment of products imported to Uganda at the place of origin. The purpose of this program is to reduce the inflow of products that do not meet the standards in Uganda. .

It was implemented on June 9, 2010. The scope of implementation is to assess whether controlled products comply with Uganda standards or other standards and technical regulations approved by the Bureau of Standards. Except for products imported from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, all controlled products are All require mandatory assessment.

Coverage products

Controlled products: Products in the prohibited product catalog and exempted product catalog are not within the scope of control. Products controlled by the Uganda Pre-Export Conformity Assessment Program include the following categories:

• All second-hand products;

• Food and agricultural products;

• Chemical household products;

• Textiles, footwear products;

• Toy;

• Children's health products;

• Machinery Products;

• Electronic and electrical products, etc.

PVOC certification steps +Documents

The certification process UG-PVoC includes the following key elements:

Inspection of goods before shipment;

Conduct testing and evaluation in accredited laboratories;

Review product production processes;

Document compliance check;

Review of test reports and standards compliance.

Obtain batch PVoC (CoC) certificate application process and information

1. The customer provides samples, fills in the application form, and provides commercial invoice, proforma invoice and packing list to our company;

2. Our company will submit the test report, application form, proforma invoice, packing list, and product photos to the certification body;

3. After approval, payment will be arranged;

4. Arrange the inspection time and prepare for inspection. After the inspection is passed, the customer must provide the final packing list and invoice for final confirmation.

5. After the above is correct, our company will provide a draft certificate for confirmation, and the customer will confirm the draft certificate.

6.Issue original l Pvoc certificate

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