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Saber IECEE certificate

SASO is currently implementing a SASO IECEE recognition certificate for certain types of products that are imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, IECEE certification is required in order to clear regulated products to Saudi Customs.

Recently, it was announced and notified to all exporters that all products covered by the SASO IECEE system and shipped to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be subject to control by the customs authorities to verify their compliance with the requirements.

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Full List Of Products Subjected To SASO IECEE

1. Mobile phone devices

2. Cell phone chargers

3. Household electric pumps (less than 3500 watts)

4. Car chargers for mobile phones

5. Wireless chargers for mobile phones

6. Energy storage devices (Power Bank)

7. Mobile phone batteries

8. Laptops and tablets

9. Watch

10. Smartwatch

11. Smart wristbands

12. Display and TV screens

13. Dishwashers

14. Wireless headphones, headphones, and similar products

15. Laptop Chargers (Laptop Adapter)

16. All lighting products

17. Electric Pumps With a Capacity of 5 horsepower or Less (Obligatory on 01 July 2021)

18. Water Boilers (Obligatory on 01 July 2021)

19. Coffee making machines (Obligatory on 01 July 2021)

20. Electrical Oil-Fryers (Obligatory on 01 July 2021)

21. Electric Cables (Obligatory on 01 July 2021)

22. Video Game and controller and Their Accessories (Obligatory on 01 July 2021)

Steps Of Issuance A SASO IECEE Certificate

To obtain an IECEE recognition certificate, the following documents must be submitted:

1. IECEE CB test report for main product

2. Certificate issued by IECEE CB for the main product

3. Conformity declaration

4. Preparing the guide in Arabic

5. Test report for the plug/power cord (if available)

6. Detailed pictures of the product

If a charger is available with the product, the following is also required:

1. IECEE CB Charger Test Report

2. IECEE certification for the charger

3. Detailed product pictures

Once all the documents are submitted and the application is reviewed and approved, the SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate is issued and the product is listed in the Jeem database.

How To Register Your Product?

1. We are specializing in SASO IECEE and Saber system for all product categories required to be registered

2. We have previous work experience on technical tasks related to the Saber platform, conformity assessment bodies & ISO 17065

3. A wide happy client base

4. Issuing the test reports and IECEE recognition certification from accredited bodies

Starting From July 2021 SASO Obligate Suppliers For SASO IECEE For A Number Of Products

On March 2021 SASO announce to obligate suppliers to obtain SASO IECEE recognition certificate for electrotechnical devices and components for a number of products, in order to allow their entry from customs ports to the Saudi markets, as of 7/1/2021 AD.

SASO indicated that this decision will apply to electric cooking utensils such as (water boilers, all coffee-making machines of all kinds), electric oil fryers, electric pumps with a capacity of 5 horses or less for all uses, and electric power cables, and the decision also includes game devices, Video games and their accessories (video game consoles, controllers, wireless headphones, chargers, and their accessories).

The Saudi organization for standardization metrology and the quality confirmed that obligating suppliers to obtain the national recognition certificate “SASO IECEE” for these products aims to control the market of high-risk electrical products. and to protect the consumer and the market from imported products that do not conform to standard and verifying product safety, as well as reducing accidents that these products may cause, and facilitating the entry of goods through customs ports without repeated testing.

SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate Mandatory From 01/09/2021 For These Products:



Water Boilers


Coffee making machine


Electrical Cables

SASO IEC 60227 (Series)

SASO IEC 60245 (Series)

SASO GSO IEC 60502 (Series)


SASO IEC 60800

SASO IEC 62821 (Series)

SASO IEC 62930

Electrical Pump

SASO IEC 60335-2-51

SASO GSO IEC 60335-2-41

Electrical oil fryers

SASO IEC 60335-2-13

Video game and controller

SASO IEC 62368-1

SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate Mandatory From 01/11/2021 For These Products:



Electrical plugs


SASO GSO IEC 60898-1

AC or DC

SASO IEC 60898-2


IEC 60898-3

SASO IECE 60947-2

Cables for a mobile phone charger

SASO IEC 62368-1

Electrical Shaving machine

SASO IEC 60335-2-8

Desktop computers

SASO IEC 62368-1

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