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GCC certificate


Mark For Low Voltage Electrical Products And Appliances Compliance Timeline

Self-declaration conformity assessment  Product List 1 for Regulated Products:

Regarding manufacturing procedures and processes, manufacturers of List one products need to have a process in place – typically a factory quality control system – to be able to make sure items are actually being manufactured and assembled in a controlled manner which includes production line testing to confirm the product quality and integrity and so as to maintain conformity within the design intent. Once all these elements have been completed the manufacturer is able to affix the proper G Marking to the item and draw up a written Declaration of Conformity.

Requiring Notified Body (NB) involvement Product List 2 regulated products:

Manufacturers must select a single Notified Body (NB) entity, to look at the technical design of a product and verify that the technical design of the product meets the demands of the applicable Gulf Technical Regulations and for the issuance of an evaluation report with a Gulf Type Examination certificate. The Notified Body must also ensure the manufacturing has a production-quality system implemented in order to confirm that the item is actually being manufactured in accordance with the technical specifications. The product manufacturer still must produce a Technical Construction file for every model of the product, and this documentation must include a risk analysis/assessment report and test reports, among the extra documentation requirements noted for List one products, but with the additional inclusion of the Notified Body issued evaluation report with Type Examination Certificate.

Product categories within List two are primarily in the area of IEC 60335 (Home Appliances), such as:

G Mark For Children's Toys

G-Mark compliance timeline for toys:

As of 1st January 2011, the “Gulf Toys Technical Regulation (GTTR)” has been uniformly enforced in most GCC Member States (The State of the United Arab Emirates, The Kingdom of Bahrain, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Sultanate of Oman, The State of Qatar, The State of Yemen and Kuwait).

To comply with this particular regulation, the GTTR stipulates that all toys entering into the GCC member states will need to get the GCC Conformity quality marking.

The regulation that has been implemented is almost the same as the European Toys Directive 88/378/EC which includes Module A and Module B+C, with more Gulf deviations. It might be mentioned here that module B+C which is actually an alternative for toy companies for application of the above’ G’ mark will be under the supervision of a Notified Body (NB).

Children toys are articles or products designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age


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