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Kenya Pvoc certificate

In order to ensure the quality of imported products and the health and safety of Kenyans and the protection of the environment, comply with Kenyan technical regulations and mandatory standards or approved equivalent standards. On September 29, 2005, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS - a statutory body of the Kenyan government responsible for formulating and implementing standards for imported and domestic products for the Kenyan market) began to implement pre-export product and standard compliance verification for goods imported into the country. (Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards, referred to as PVoC) plan, all goods in the PVoC catalog must obtain a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by a KEBS authorized agency before shipment. Provide it to Kenyan Customs when arriving at the port, otherwise you will not be able to enter the country. If there is no CoC under special circumstances, KEBS may decide to inspect the goods and impose a fine.

Coverage products

There are 14 categories including electronic and electrical products, toys, automobiles, food, chemicals, textiles and leather, furniture, building materials, and second-hand products.

Certification steps

1. The importer applies for an import license IDF from the local authority

2. Customers submit relevant information (PL+PI+IDF+ test report+ PVOC application form)

3. Review customer information to determine feasible implementation plans and applicable standards under the plan

4. If testing is required, our company will coordinate sampling and implement laboratory testing. The testing must be conducted by a laboratory recognized by PvoC.

5. On-site inspection

6. After the inspection is completed, the exporter submits the final documents (commercial invoice and packing list)

7. Issue customs clearance certificate CoC (registration certificate and formal approval certificate)


1. Packing List

2. Proforma Invoice: Proforma Invoice

3.IDF: The import license is processed by the importer in the importing country. After the application is completed, it is provided to the exporter to apply for PVOC.

(IDF is an import license, the full English name is: Import Declaration Form, which is handled locally by Kenyan importers)

4. Product test report: If there is already a third-party test report available, there is no need to repeat the test, except for sampling tests.

(Sampling testing is required: provide samples for testing first, and issue a testing report after the testing is completed. Then use the testing report, packing list, commercial invoice, IDF, and COC application form to apply for inspection. If the inspection passes, a COC will be issued.)

5. PVOC application form (RFC: Request for Certificate Form): A blank application form is provided by the handling agency (the application form should describe the goods in detail, and provide product quality documents such as test reports, technical parameters, quality management system certificates, etc.)

6. Product description and usage description

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