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Saudi SFDA certificate

Saudi SFDA certificate

ECosma Product Notification System

SFDA “Saudi food & drug authority launch the online system (ECOSMA)” to allows manufacturers and importer of cosmetics products to enter their products into the Saudi Arabia market to prior notify about their cosmetic product to SFDA authority, to assure that these products are complying with the Saudi standards according to their components and is mandatory for customs clearance.

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ECOSMA System Includes:

· Clearance of products

· domestic manufacture licensing

· Warehouse licensing

· Foreign manufacturer notification

· Product notification

· Batch release

· Issuing GMP certificate & product notification for the local producer

What Are Services Provided By Belltests

ECOSMA Registration

1. Our team will assist you in the creation of a user account at the SFDA eCOSMA portal in all processes.

2. Determine the required tests according to GSO / SASO standards

3. Select the accredited testing laboratory.

4. complete all technical requirements against SFDA regulations.

5. Manage and follow all registration process at the eCOSMA notification system.

6. Initiate, submit & follow-up:

· The request of license for (warehouse or manufacturer)

· Follow-up, update & renew for requests.

7. Submit notification requests via eCOSMA for:

· Foreign manufacturer

· Product notification

· Batch release

8. Issue the certificate of conformity for the goods exported to Saudi Arabia (COC) from an SFDA approved certification body.

Product Notification At ECOSMA System Required To Prepare A Label That Includes The Following Information In The Arabic Language:

1. Brand name

2. Product name

3. Manufacturing site name, address, and country of origin

4. Instructions of use

5. Storage conditions

6. Precaution’s instruction

Some Cosmetics Products Applicable To ECOSMA Registration:

· Dyes – Hair Products – Removal – Hair Smoothing Products – Relaxers

· Eye Products – Makeup – Novelty Makeup – Lipstick and Permanent Makeup

· Nail Products

· Organic Cosmetics

· Lotions & Soaps

· Tanning Products – Self-tanners – Bronzers

· Permanent & Tattoos Makeup – Also Includes Henna/Mehndi

· Powders, Skin-care creams – nail polishes – lipsticks – lotions – eye and face makeup – deodorants

· baby products – hair colorants – sprays etc.


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