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Egypt COI certificate

Egypt COI certificate

GOEIC Egypt Certificate Of Inspection - COI

GOEIC – General Organization of Export and Import Control, require that all producers, manufacturers, exporters register their products and issue a certificate of inspection ( COI ) – by an approved GOEIC partner to access the Egyptian markets & pass the Egyptian custom, all regulated products were listed in the ministerial decree No. 991/2015 – 992/2015 – 43/2016.

the ministerial decree state all products that are imported into Egypt must be accompanied by the CoI (Certificate of Inspection) during customs clearance to prove that the imported products comply with relevant Egyptian technical regulations and standards. decree 43/2016 state all regulated product that imported only from registered factories.

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Announcement: Factories Registration At GOEIC

According To Decree 43, Factories Should Be Registered At GOEIC.A register has been established for factories and companies owning trademarks qualified to export products to the Arab Republic of Egypt at the General Organization for Export and Import Control GOEIC, These products imported for the purpose of trading will not be released, unless they are produced by registered factories or imported from companies that own the trade mark or by their registered distribution centers In that register, a decision shall be issued by the minister of foreign trade.

GOEIC Registration - How To Obtain Egypt Certificate Of Conformity

First step: Exporters or Egypt importers callBelltest to fill in the application form and upload the following documents:

· proforma invoice

· packing list

· product quality documents such as test reports and laboratory qualification certificates (ISO 17025 accreditation)

· technical parameter tables

· factory ISO certificates (if any)

Second step: Belltest will review the application and determine the applicable standards

Third step: If testing is needed, it can be carried out in the accredited laboratory,Belltest coordinates sampling and implements laboratory testing

Fourth step: Belltest will coordinate and arrange for the on-site inspection by the inspector closest to the inspection site after the above steps are completed, and all costs shall be paid by the applicant

Fifth step: After the inspection is completed, the exporter submits the final documents (commercial invoice and packing list) to the inspection body

Sixth step: Inspection body issue the certificate of inspection for product clearance at customs in Egypt.

NFSA Food Product Certificate Of Inspection

In order to protect local consumers from substandard products, Egypt began to implement the NFSA Product Conformity Assessment Program (PCA) on December 1, 2020. Food and food contact material products under the control of the NFSA authority require A CoI (Certificates of Inspection) is attached to the customs clearance.

to help you understand the latest regulatory trends in time and help your products enter the Egyptian market smoothly. You can talk to our staff and provide us with the relevant product information and the HS-CODE to help you and confirm whether the goods are under the control of the NFSA authority or not.

According to the NFSA 2/2020 Decree, the reference of controlled products is as follows:

· Milk and dairy products

· fruit (salted and dried fruit)

· oils and fats

· Candy

· Juice

· chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa

· Wheat

· Food contact materials

· Water (including natural or artificial mineral water, sparkling water, etc.)


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