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What Is SASO COC Certificate Saudi ?

New SASO Certificate & SALEEM Program

In 2018, Saudi Product Safety Program which called “SALEEM” has been launched by SASO, the aims of this program are to ensure that all imported products to the Saudi market are complying with Saudi standards and technical regulations which have been developed and published.

According to SALEEM program Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) issue a set of technical regulations like “detergents, textile, building material, paints, degradable plastic …etc, and all products applicable to these regulations called regulated products to get the full list of technical regulation please follow this link. SALEEM now is replacing the old conformity assessment program.

Saber System

According to the formal announcement, all SASO certificates of conformity will be issued online via SABER, it is an online platform that helps importers and manufacturers to get the required conformity certificate for products and shipment for regulated and non-regulated products, the platform is able to classify products risk level according to their product category and hs code.

Product Certificate Of Conformity (PCOC) – Type Approval Certificate Saudi Arabia

1. PCoC is for regulated products by SASO technical regulation.

2. Importer start his request online via saber

3. Register product with full information and determine HS Code

4. Selection of the certification body for assessment and certification

5. Submission of test report, manufacturer license, risk assessment

6. Submission of design, specifications, product photos …etc

7. Technical review by the certification body

8. Issue the PCoC certification for specific products

Shipment Certificate Of Conformity (SCOC) Saudi Arabia

1. SCoC is for all products regulated or non-regulated

2. For regulated products after issuance SASO certificate, for each shipment, the importer needs to issue a shipment certificate (shipment COC) to clear products in customs more quickly and easy

3. For non regulated products, the importer will sign a self-declaration form, then the shipment certificate will be issued

SASO Certificate Requirements In Saudi Arabia

For regulated product

1. Access to your account

2. Choose the relevant HS code.

3. Safety test report issued by the accredited 17025 testing laboratory.

4. Product labeling

5. Factory audit for products that subjected to Type 3

6. ISO 9001 certificate (or equivalent)

7. Sign the declaration of conformity by the supplier.

8. Issue a shipment certificate of conformity SCOC

9. Pay all governmental fees via the Sadad system

For Non-regulated product

1. Access to your account

2. Choose the convenient HS code.

3. Issue a self-declaration certificate.

4. Upload your commercial invoice

5. Issue a shipment certificate of conformity SCOC

6. Pay all governmental fees via the Sadad system

For Exemption certificate

1. Bill of lading

2. Project contract

3. Purchase Order

4. A copy of the contract or letter from the contracting party with the shipment information and its purpose

5. Saber account credentials

Process For Obtaining A SASO CoC Step By Step Process:

1. Call the Belltests team to submit an application.

2. The application shall contain the following information:

· Product Name & models

· Description of products, technical data sheet, material safety data sheet MSDS(if available)

· Country of origin

· HS Code

· Manufacture business registration license “if available”

· Product actual photos

· Products test report “if available”

3. Our technical department will conduct a clearance audit to analyze your products and determine any missing documents against SASO rules.

4. Submit our technical quotation for issuance of product certificate of conformity from our contracted approved certification body.

5. Issuance of shipment certificate (SCOC).

SASO Certificate Cost ?

The total cost depends on different factors such as:

1. Type, nature, and number of products and it sub-model under registration

2. if these products were regulated or not to the SASO Saudi standards

3. is the factory audit is required or not

Belltests offer a very competitive price for the issuance of a COC certificate, just give us a call or submit your inquiry, then our technical and sales team will prepare a quotation at an affordable price

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